We mainly work for public broadcasters and their suppliers

The very first project (June 2002), a pure documentation project, for which we had to temporarily hire a technical draftsman, because our handling of AUTOCAD was still clearly expandable… that’s how it started. This was followed by small and very small projects from suppliers to the ARD broadcasting companies, with orders in at least four figures. Only Norddeutscher Rundfunk quickly became a reliable customer. In May 2003, Saarländischer Rundfunk came along

with a control room to be planned. The projects became more extensive, the requirements more complex, we grew with our tasks and meanwhile count nine out of 11 ARD broadcasting corporations among our customers. An excerpt of our references can be found below. And, feel free to ask us about older references, since we decided not to include them with the relaunch of our website. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

June 2021

Südwestrundfunk is planning to replace the technical equipment in the post-production stations for multimedia program content at its main locations in Stuttgart, Baden-Baden and Mainz. CONFACTs GmbH created the technical tender documents. In addition, CONFACTs GmbH has been supervising the planning, installation and commissioning of a prototype workplace since September 2021 in order to be able to test and optimize the technical concept and to train employees.

June 2021

On behalf of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, CONFACTs GmbH carried out a preliminary study for a digital interview tool based on webRTC. Based on given use cases, various products on the market were tested and information was compiled. In addition, the first requirements for implementation and operation were compiled. The preliminary investigation also contained the proposal for a financing model which is to be used in a broadcasting partnership between ARD broadcasters and other broadcasters in Europe.

May 2021

In the future, Norddeutscher Rundfunk is planning to use compact, cross-media fast reporting vehicles with largely standardized technical equipment. CONFACTs GmbH was involved in the preparation of the tender documents.

October 2020

As part of the ARD structural reform, the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk in Leipzig is creating a central transmission system for the third programs of NDR, Radio Bremen and mdr. The core of the technical concept used is based on the playout center of SWR in Baden-Baden (see also our reference SWR 2017). CONFACTs GmbH supports the broadcasters involved in developing the overall technical concept, consolidating workflows and connecting to the existing infrastructure.

June 2020

Norddeutscher Rundfunk is renewing its networked production technology. As part of this renewal, the playout servers in the production studios in Hamburg-Lokstedt will also be renewed. CONFACTs GmbH was involved in the creation of the redundant playout concept and carried out the integration planning into the studio infrastructure. Furthermore, we were supervising the integration and configuration work.

April 2020

The media technology in the ARD foreign studios in Brussels, Paris, New York, Washington, Warsaw, Moscow and Nairobi will be renewed over the next few years. Westdeutscher Rundfunk, which is technically responsible for these locations, has commissioned CONFACTs GmbH with the specialist planning and support in preparing the tender.

June 2019

As part of the "Renewal of the radio systems" project, Südwestrundfunk will also be renewing the media technology at the Friedrichshafen site. This includes several multimedia production units, two self-propelled control rooms and connected rooms for transmissions and events. In this sub-project, CONFACTs GmbH takes on the specialist planning and the preparation of the tender.

December 2018

Norddeutscher Rundfunk has equipped its studio complexes with modern, highly functional, real studio facilities for current reporting within the framework of the regional programs. For this purpose, the studios of the NDR locations in Hamburg, Hanover and Schwerin were equipped with various large-area LED media walls. Real-time graphics systems from the manufacturer Chyron-Hego are used to "play" the media walls with large-format images, graphics and video clips. In order to be able to use the media walls with suitable content conveniently and flexibly, the real-time graphics systems had to be integrated into the existing Open-Media editorial system. CONFACTs GmbH took over the planning support for the sub-project for the integration of the new real-time graphics system in open media for the locations in Schwerin and Hanover.

August 2018

Norddeutscher Rundfunk is renewing its networked production technology, consisting of Harmonic server components and Media Asset Management VPMS from arvato. CONFACTs GmbH supervises the sub-project expansion and renewal of the ingest, since January 2020 also as project manager.

April 2018

Westdeutscher Rundfunk commissioned CONFACTs GmbH to determine the existing in-house requirements for a new technical approach for a medium-sized outside broadcast vehicle. To this end, several workshops were held and, based on this, a Europe-wide call for tenders was drawn up (April 2018 to August 2018).

February 2018

The networked production environment in the ARD-aktuell area will in future be controlled from an ingest room in a newly built house. The technical infrastructure required for this was designed by CONFACTs GmbH. Since the move took place during ongoing operations, special attention was paid to the project organization. A migration scenario was developed that allowed both rooms to be used at the same time in order to allow commissioning and training to take place parallel to regular operation.

November 2017

The NDR studio in Oldenburg is replacing its outdated radio SNG. In close cooperation with the NDR, CONFACTs GmbH created the documents for a Europe-wide tender and supervised the project until kick-off with the contractor (November 2017 to April 2018).

October 2017

Südwestrundfunk plans to connect the Mainz state parliament to the broadcasting center in Mainz. To expand the news covering, the SWR is planning to equip the Mainz state parliament with permanently installed cameras and other media technology systems that are to be operated in conjunction with a remote control room in the broadcasting center. CONFACTs GmbH creates a technical concept for this as well as the documents for the necessary tender. Furthermore, CONFACTs will support the SWR in the implementation phase (November 2017 until probably 2022).

April 2017

Update ISDN-IP conversion: CONFACTs GmbH supports Norddeutscher Rundfunk in the development of technical concepts and migration scenarios in the course of the conversion of the technical infrastructure from ISDN to IP.

March 2017

CONFACTs GmbH is responsible for preparing the European tender documents for the replacement of two audio transmission vehicles for Westdeutscher Rundfunk.

February 2017

For the renewal of the central playout center at Südwestrundfunk Baden-Baden, CONFACTs GmbH supports the creation of a market analysis and the evaluation of this against the requirements of modern broadcasting. In the further course of the project, SWR receives support in creating a test concept and tendering the components required for this. CONFACTs GmbH then supports the SWR in expanding the overall concept to include additional playout systems with the aim of a central playout operation center for the southern German ARD broadcasters as part of the ARD structural reform.

November 2016

The ARD studio in London is converted to networked (HD) production. In close cooperation with the employees on site, CONFACTs GmbH draws up the necessary specifications and a migration concept for a transition that is as uninterrupted as possible. During the project period, we support the project management of the NDR in project coordination and scheduling.